Sargodhian Institute for Professional Development (SIPD) is established at Rashidabad, to respond to the deteriorating quality of education of the neglected low –cost rural private schools of Sindh. We do it through well-tested, resource efficient and sustainable models and contemporary best practices that suit the contextual needs of these schools. A fully functional SIPD will accommodate 200 teachers at a time in its magnificent building.


Our Mission

To be the center of excellence for
training and professional development
for school teachers,especially for low
cost private schools. Read More


Our Objectives

Creating a critical mass of trained
teacher's who reflect on their current
teaching and learning processes and
identify Read More


Our Vision

To be the center of excellence for
training and professional development
for school teachers,especially for low
cost private schools. Read More


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Algebra finals
Let us play with Algebra July 23-24, 2019, SIPD Rashidabad: SIPD conducted a 6-hours workshop on Let Us Play with Algebra. The workshop focused on the usage of Algebra tiles to introduce and teach foundation This workshop will focus on the usage of Algebra tiles to introduce and teach foundation conc...
Environmental Educationfinal
Teaching Environmental Education: Green Activities August 7 & 9, 2019, SIPD Rashidabad: SIPD Conducted a 2-hours workshop on Teaching Environmental Education: Green Activities. The workshop focused to positively involve Social Studies teachers to raise children awareness and understanding of envi...
IMG 20190504 WA0098
Instructional Scaffolding: Helping students to achieve learning goals April 30, 2019, SIPD Rashidabad: SIPD conducted a 3-hours workshop on Instructional Scaffolding for teachers. The purpose of the workshop was to help participants to develop an understanding of instructional scaffolding and its imp...
Urdu Emla
اردو تراکیبِ املا مورخہ ۱۶ اپریل ۲۰۱۹ ؛ ایس آئی پی ڈی کے زیر اہتمام اساتذہ کے لیے ایک ورکشاپ بعنوان "اردو تراکیبِ املا" منعقد ہوا۔ اس ورک شاپ میں اساتذہِ کرام کو اردو ا...
ECD TMK 2019
Integrated Approach in early learning April 2, 2019: SIPD conducted a 4-hour professional development session for 20 ECD teachers on Early Child Development (ECD) of Community Based High School, Tando Muhammad Khan. It focused on the use of Integrated Approach in early year learning. Participants app...

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Foundation Course A six-day foundation course is designed by focusing National Professional...


Subject Based Professional Development Program: Mathematics Education The primary focus of this...




Before attending the workshop my teaching style was very traditional and was based on lecturing but after going through the workshops at SIPD I have understood that being an effective teacher is not an easy task, it requires a lot of hardworking and above all a better teaching attitude. I am now striving to improve my knowledge about the subject content and pedagogy to become a better teacher. The SIPD’s workshop helped me to improve my teaching methods, now I am more aware of the needs of the multiple abilities of students in my classroom.

SIPD is a ray of hope for those teachers who have been teaching in low-cost private schools of Tando Allah Yar and other districts of Sindh for many years, without any professional support and handholding. The low-cost private schools have meager resources and cannot afford to offer such sophisticated courses to its teachers on its own. Consequently SIPD’s focus on low-cost private schools will highly contribute to improving the quality of teaching and learning in these schools.

I believe education and training are closely linked with each other, education gives you the power of knowledge and generates positive attitude while training equips you with the essential skills to perform a particular task. We have a large number of teachers who hold better degrees yet lack the capabilities of teaching, because they are untrained. 

The establishment of Sargodhian Institute for Professional Development (SIPD), in our city is really a good initiative for the teachers like us. The training offered in the institute is really according to the needs of the teacher. I got an opportunity to join one of the training sessions with my colleagues and found it very useful for my own professional career.


Head Teacher

Sargodhian  Institute for Professional Development (SIPD) is an institute where I was acquainted with the true purpose and practices of teaching and learning. I learned the importance of lesson planning and its importance for a teacher to be preparation before entering in the class. I know understand that a good planning helps to control the pace of activities in class and manage time. I feel more satisfied that I am able to complete all work on time

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