Mr. M.Yusuf

Directing Staff

Mr.Muhammad  Yusuf

Directing Staff

Mr. Muhammad Yusuf is a Directing Staff at Sargodhian Spirit Institute for Professional Development (SSIPD). He holds a Master of Education (M. Ed) in Teacher Education from Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED), Karachi. He has received Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English (COTE) from Royal Society of Arts (RSA) from University of Cambridge.

He was Early Learning and Literacy Advisor at Chemonics International in USAID-Sindh Reading Program for Larkana region. He provided technical support in program designing, and monitoring and mentoring of field team for proper implementation of USAID-Sindh Reading Program activities such as on-the-job Support, Early Grade Reading Assessment at the school level and coordination with concerned Education Officer in the region.

Prior to joining USAID-Sindh Reading Program, Mr. Yusuf worked at AKU-IED as Coordinator of Strengthening Teacher Education in Pakistan (STEP) project for District Thatta from 2009-2013. He was responsible to develop strategic plans in accordance with the project policies to implement, supervise, monitor and support district base activities of the project such as planning and implementation of capacity building trainings to government school teachers, coordination with district education department, schools, head teachers, teachers and communities and academic schools and AKU-IED trained mentors and trainee teachers.

He worked as a Head of Academics, School Improvement Program, Chakwal, in Mountain Institute for Educational Development (MIED). He successfully administered the program and helped transform 30 schools into models of quality education. He provided support and training to more than 700 primary school teachers.

As an education development specialist with 23 years of experience in implementing, managing and developing primary school education and literacy promotion programs, including ten years in interior Sindh. Highly experienced in designing and implementing of teacher professional development programs for improvement of instruction. Ten years of experience working closely with government-managed schools in the rural districts of Sindh and Punjab to build teacher capacity in core subject areas and improve student learning outcomes.

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