Ms. Noureen

Directing Staff

Ms.Noureen Faisal

Directing Staff

Ms. Naureen Faisal is a Directing Staff at Sargodhian Spirit Institute for Professional Development. She hold a Master of Education degree from Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development in teacher education. She has completed advance diploma programme in Early Child Development from Aga Khan Human Development programme and also in English Language Teaching from Aga Khan University Institute for Professional Development.

She was Assistant Manager at Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan. She joined AKES, P in January 2010. This position enabled her to provide academic support to Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan Schools. She facilitated principal, head teachers and teachers to work more effectively in order to provide quality education. In addition, she headed a Rural Sindh project Keti Bandar phase III in ten public schools of remote Sindh. In this project, she budgeted programme activities along with planning and implement these activities in schools.

Prior to joining AKES, P, Ms. Naureen Faisal worked as a Teacher Educator in Children Global Network, Pakistan (formerly known as Children Resources International). It was USAID project where she contributed in improving teaching and learning process and planning professional development activities for teachers and head teachers.

She worked as a Professional Development Teacher in Ismailia Youth Services Schools in Karachi. As a professional development coordinator, she worked with teachers to maximize teaching and learning process and conduct classroom based research to address ground issues of the context.
Ms. Naureen Faisal has extensive experience of developing and conducting teacher education programmes in a variety of settings to enhance teachers’ content and pedagogical skills. She thrives on keeping on top of the latest resources and developments within the teaching industry.

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