Mr. Tayib Jan


Mr.Tayib Jan


Mr. Tayib Jan is Director at Sargodhian Spirit Institute for Professional Development (SSIPD). He holds a Master of Education degree from Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development in teacher education and Masters in International Relationship, beside his M. Ed and B. Ed. He specializes in contemporary methods of teacher and School Leaders education, School Improvement Program (SIP), construction and running of schools, establishing and running teacher education institutes and units. He also has hands-on experience of establishing and managing Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centers. He is also an expert of providing education in emergencies and internally displacement situation.

He was working as Head of Technology Education at Promethean & Socio Engineering Consultants leading a team of Master Trainers and Digital Content Developers. His main responsibilities included working with private and public sector education systems to introduce technology in education. He developed digital lessons of English, Mathematics and Science of Punjab Board for Grades 3 to 12. He trained a number of teachers in private and public sector schools and colleges on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK). Besides the technology integration he worked for the education consultancy department and led projects such as training all Mathematics teachers of KPK and usage of the interactive whiteboard to secondary and higher schools of Sindh.

Prior to joining Promethean Mr. Tayib Jan served Mountain Institute for Education Development (MIED) as head of Academics, Training and Monitoring. He was one of the founding members of establishing the institute at Manshera, KPK, he later opened unit office and training centers in Chakwal, Islamabad, Mianwali and other parts of the country. During his tenure with the institute he developed teachers, head teachers, school management committees and students’ representative councils’ courses and led the training. He also led a team of monitoring and evaluation experts to conduct baselines, mid and end line evaluations of projects.

He worked as a Manager at Development in Literacy (DIL). As a manager he provided technical assistance to the organization to acquire land, establish, construct and run schools in Rawalpindi, Manshera and Sheikhpura. He also worked closely with the school to improve the quality of teaching and learning. He developed feasibility reports and presented it to the donors to motivate them to fund the establishment of schools in Punjab and KPK.

He also worked for The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as an expert of training, during his service he trained District Executive Officers, Districts officers and oriented District Coordinating Officers (DCOs) of Food for Education Program in Punjab, KPK and Sindh. He developed manuals for teacher training under the program. He conducted a number of workshops and seminars of education when he was working with UNESCO.

Prior to joining UNESCO he worked for Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Afghanistan as a Professional Development Advisor (PDA) to establish a Professional Development Unit (PDU) for Afghanistan. The unit worked for developing the capabilities of the education department and AKF educators so that the quality of teaching and learning and accountability is improved. He trained a number of Science, English and Mathematics, teachers, School Principals, Inspectors and other academic staff in Leadership, Management, Record Keeping and Mentoring. He also visited Institute for Professional Development (IPD), Khorogh to engage them in the professional development of the Afghan teachers residing the border areas of Tajikistan.

Mr. Tayib Jan also served at Aga Khan University – Institute for Education Development – Professional Development Center, North (AKU-IED-PDCN) as a faculty member. He trained a number of teachers and head teachers, Assistance Education Officers, and Principals of different Schools. He run one of the flagship programs of PDCN, Whole School Improvement Program (WSIP). He presented a paper on school improvement in a School Improvement Program (SIP) conference held at Darussalam, Tanzania.

He started his career as teacher at AKES, P school, later on he opted a position a government school teacher, teaching English, Urdu, Mathematics and Physics to secondary school students. He has worked for a number of social welfare and community organization as professional expert and leader.


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