Subject Based Professional Development Program: Mathematics Education

The primary focus of this program is to offer teachers of mathematics the opportunity to engage in mathematics education based on the national curriculum of mathematics. The emphasis is on National curriculum for mathematics standards number and operation, algebra, measurements and geometry, information handling and reasoning and logical thinking. The mathematics teachers obtaining this program gives the opportunity to interact with modern teaching technique, develop resources, assess learners’ mathematical learning, plan & reflect on their teaching and enhance their pedagogical content knowledge in accordance with both Pakistani curriculum and current mathematical education around the globe.

The program is designed for primary school teachers looking to develop their mathematics pedagogical content knowledge for the teaching of Grade I to V mathematics. During the course, teachers get opportunities to unpack and conceptualize mathematical pedagogical content knowledge in the areas of number and operation, algebra, measurements and geometry, information handling, problem-solving and reasoning, and logical thinking. The faculty of SIPD in this program provides instruction the same way they want the teachers to teach their learners. The emphasis of this program is on the learning process of mathematics (problem-solving and reasoning) rather than the final product (Mathematical computation skills). Specific pedagogical skills that are essential for classroom success – asking questions, use of mathematical language, addressing misconceptions, linking concepts with prior knowledge and real-life examples, mathematical understanding and building on learner thinking and assessment and giving appropriate feedback – are modeled and practice during the program. In short, the program demonstrates best practices; an experience that lets teachers facilitate using collaborative, and learner-centered instruction in their own classroom.

Course objectives

At the end of the course, teachers will be able to:

  • Develop pedagogical content knowledge of Mathematics standards of National Curriculum.
  • Develop an understanding National Curriculum for Mathematics.
  • Stimulate mathematical thinking through problem-solving.
  • Review and enrich mathematics exercises/problems to develop learners’ understanding
  • Link mathematical content with real-life situations
  • Develop activities for the practice of learned knowledge/skills and develop a relational understanding of learners.
  • Develop skilled based assessment strategies to assess learners’ understanding of Mathematics.
  • Emphasis mathematics language during classroom teaching and learning.

Admission Requirement

Participants are required to have the following characteristics.

  • Teaches mathematics to K-5 learners
  • Teach National Curriculum for Mathematics Standards.
  • Able to write a simple report either English or Urdu
  • Able to demonstrate functional English Skills
  • Studied mathematics at Secondary School Certificate examination.
  • Intermediate or above.
  • maths 1
  • maths 2

maths 3

maths 4

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